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Class of 1979 40th Reunion Gift

Now that many of us are about to take down our “DVM” shingle that we hung so proudly 40 years ago it would be a good time to give back to the school that provided us the educational means to enjoy this profession. Our class has been generous over the years and it would be special to make a contribution together. Please read through the concepts below and just vote for one!

First, Read the Concepts

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1. Paul G. Allen School for Global Animal Health

Class of 1979 DVM Student Fellowship

Your fellowship would create opportunities for our veterinary students to learn across disciplines and bring that knowledge to local communities. Bringing life sciences, economics, social science, culture, history and ecology together is key for designing global health programs that will improve the lives of animals and people well into the future. As part of a mentored research project, the Class of 1979 Student Fellow will visit a developing country for 10 - 12 weeks to conduct basic or applied animal health research.


2. Surgical Training

Class of 1979 DVM Skills Development Fund

The Clinical Simulation Center offers hands-on simulated veterinary training from basic suturing to surgical operations and emergency room situations. The center provides a positive, enriching, and supportive educational environment for the advancement of veterinary care. The Class of 1979 DVM Skills Development Fund would support a key component to training some of the most prepared and competent veterinary graduates in the country.


3. Supporting Tomorrow’s Veterinarians

Class of 1979 DVM Scholarship

Tuition for veterinary students has nearly tripled since 1996. Today, resident DVM students pay more than $25,000 per year and non-residents more than $55,000 per year. Most WSU veterinary student are in debt when they leave. The median debt for the WSU class of 2017 was nearly $132,000. It’s a sobering reality that veterinarians entering the profession today will have a difficult time positioning themselves to buy into an existing practice in the next 10 years — a time when retiring veterinarians will need them most. The Class of 1979 DVM Scholarship is a way for alumni to give back to their school, and make meaningful contributions to excellence in veterinary education.

Now Submit Your Vote!

Select the concept that you want to support the most.

We are also seeking a coordinator for the 40 YEARS OF MEMORIES BOOKLET

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Since we all like to reminisce, let’s record some of our favorite stories from our four years together in Pullman.

This will be a collection of short biographies describing our varying careers and what we’ve been up to the past 40 years – and any of future plans you are willing to share as well. * If you are willing, please self-nominate for this undertaking! Send an email to myself (mrick@alamopintado.com) or Anna Wheatley (awheatley@wsu.edu) or give one of us a call.